Monday, December 15, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well, it finally really feels like Christmas because we finally put up our tree and decorations!! All of December I have known that Christmas is coming up and it has gotten colder and it kind of felt like Christmas but it didn't really because whenever we were home there were no decorations, tree and nothing that reminded me of Christmas. On Saturday we finally got out our few decorations that we have and went to Home Depot to get a Christmas tree and set them all up and now it finally really feels like Christmas!! I am so excited and cannot believe that Christmas is right around the corner!!
Nena "helping" put ornaments on the tree

I turned on some Christmas music and Nena was dancing and dancing to it but in this picture you can't tell she's dancing at all.

Clar putting the star up

Nena admiring the newly decorated tree

The finished product!! It looks really good in real life. In the picture you can't even see the lights. They are so fun, they are the kind that blinks on and off and does patterns!! I love real Christmas trees because they make the whole house smell so good all the time. The thing I don't like is that they are so messy and there are always needles everywhere. The smell makes the mess all worth it though!!! We weren't sure how Nena was going to be with the tree and at first she kept taking the ornaments off and so we put a little hand vaccuum in front of the tree because she is kind of afraid of vaccuums and so far that has done a pretty good job at keeping her from getting too close to the tree.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well Nena needs to do some more practicing, because she's going to be a big sister!! That's right, we have another one on the way! I am 11 weeks along and am due on June 27th!! This new baby will be born just a couple of weeks before Nena's 2nd birthday! We are so excited to become parents again and Nena is so excited to have a little brother or sister!! We have taught her to say baby and we have also taught her to point to my belly when we ask where the baby is but most of the time when we ask her she just pulls up her shirt and points to her own belly button. It's cute!
The First Ultrasound

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catching Up...

Sorry it has been so long since I have last posted. Things have been crazy and we have been super busy and I have gotten behind on so many things. I will try to do better at posting more often.
First off, for Halloween we went to our ward's trunk or treat. It was fun but Nena just wanted to run around the parking lot. As soon as I put her down, she just took off and it was so hard to keep up with her so we had to borrow a stroller to put her in so we weren't chasing her all over the place.

All ready to go to the party. Nena was Snow White

Nena and Daddy

In the stroller

She got a balloon so we tied it around her wrist so it wouldn't blow away. She loved it and kept playing with it.

Cute cousins

Nena and Annie with another little girl in our ward the same age as them.


Friday was Clar's birthday and so Nena and I went to visit him at work. One of his brothers also works at the University of Phoenix with Clar and so his wife and kids went with us to eat lunch at a park by their work. We ate and hung out for a little bit, it was fun. Clar was done with work and so we drove to Laveen to look at some houses because we are looking to buy a house (one of the reasons I have been slacking on this blog) and it will most likely be in Laveen because it's close to Clar's work. On our way home we stopped by Miamigo's to eat dinner and then stopped by Clar's parents' house to visit and pick up a gift and by the time we got home, we had about a half an hour to hang out and relax before it was time to go play in our softball game at 8:30 that night. It was a fun game and we won!! My sisters brought some cupcakes for Clar's birthday so afterwards we sang happy birthday and ate them. We also took a team picture with the teammates who were there plus our kids and babysitters.

Our softball team "Riding Home Inspections"
The team is 99% family so it's a lot of fun. It is Clar and I, Kami and Michael, my parents, my sister and brother, my cousin and her husband, my aunt and uncle and another couple.

Nena playing ring around the rosies with her cousin Renae

The muscle men

Nena with her cousin William

For Clar's birthday I got him tickets to the Cardinal's football game because it was a Monday night game so on Monday night we dropped Nena off at my parent's house for my sister's birthday celebration and drove out to the game. It was a great game they were so close to loosing but ended up winning 29 to 24!!

At the game

We got home so late that on the way home Nena just crashed

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nena is a CUTIE!!

Whenever I put a basket of laundry on the ground and start to fold the clothes, Nena always comes and starts to pull out all of the clothes as fast as she can. She was playing with one of Clar's shirts and was wrapping it around her like a cape so I tied the sleeves together. She started running around and laughing and having so much fun with her cape!! She is such a smiley girl and is so much fun!!

A little while ago, Nena started to fold her arms whenever we are saying a prayer. We didn't really even teach her, one day we just pulled her high chair up to the table for dinner and she folded her arms!! I guess that just goes to show that whatever age a kid is, they learn through the parents examples even if the parents think they are too young to understand.

She isn't really folding her arms in this picture but I just thought it was so cute!!

It's so much fun to see her learn and understand new things every day. She truly is such a blessing in our lives and we couldn't love her more!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


So our computer got a virus and always freezes so for the past little while we have been having to use our laptop. All of our pictures are on that computer exept the ones that were on my camera so I will post some of those and hopefully we get our computer fixed soon and don't loose all of our pictures.
For the past while we have been remodeling our bathrooms and redoing our floors. We put new tile on the floor in the kitchen a while ago and this week we got our master bathroom shower done and it looks really nice!! Clar is doing it himself in his spare time so it is taking a while but the things he has finished look so nice. His brother came over a couple weeks ago to help him tear out our old tile in the shower and that is all I have pictures of so far of the project. I should have taken before and after pictures but I forgot so instead I will post during pictures. I will post some more pictures when the bathroom is all the way done.

Taking out the old floor. There was some older, grosser tile under our old and gross tile.

Clar's brother Houston tearing out the old tile in the shower.

Over the weekend we enjoyed listening to conference. It was so good! There were a lot of amazing talks and we really enjoyed listening to them. This is a picture of Clar and his dad and brothers and nephew after the priesthood session.

During the preisthood session, I went to my parent's house to see my sister who was down from NAU. My two youngest sisters were watching Hannah Montana and Nena kept dancing to the music. It was so funny, her dancing has really changed from before.

On Sunday, we celebrated my Grandma Riding's birthday with a family birthday dinner! It was a lot of fun!! We ate outside and the weather was so nice!! I'm so glad it is finally starting to cool down at least at night and in the mornings!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My baby has curly hair!!

A little while ago, I put some gell in Nena's hair to see what it would look like because her hair has a lot of curls in the back but they are just crazy. It looked so cute but when she went to sleep and woke up, the gell was out and it was crazy again. I realized that if I'm going to do her hair like that, it has to be after she sleeps.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Grandma Nena's 90th Birthday Party!!!

Last Saturday we had a birthday party for my great grandma Nena LeSueur who turned 90 years old!! She is Nena's great great grandma and is who she got her name from! We ate some yummy dinner and had a program and watched a slideshow. It was a really fun night and a great celebration!!

My beautiful Great-Grandma! (She looks great for 90 don't you think?)

My mom singing a song.

My great uncle and cousins the Dentons singing.

Donna and her husband Bruce playing bluegrass music. Donna is my grandma's youngest sister.

Nena dancing to the music.

Nena and Great-Great-Grandma Nena.

Our family with the birthday girl! She is such a great lady!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

D-Backs Game

On Tuesday night someone gave us tickets to the Diamondbacks game at about 6:00 and so we finished dinner really fast and left about 15 minutes later to go. It was a lot of fun even though they lost by a lot. Nena didn't really like just sitting so after a while we started walking around the ballpark and she loved just walking around looking at everything so thats how we spent a lot of the game. It was a lot of fun though, we have been wanting to go at least once this season and have never gone so it was fun to be able to go!