Thursday, November 12, 2009

We had a fun Halloween! We went to our ward's Halloween party and also to our old ward's Trunk or Treat. Nena was Cinderella and Hunter was a lion and they both looked so cute!!

Before the ward Halloween Party

During the day on Halloween, the kids had cute Hallween clothes to wear.

Halloween night we went Trick or Treating for a little bit and then came home and sat on our front porch to pass out candy. Nena loved seeing all the different costumes that came to our door, especially if someone came dressed up as one of the disney princessess. She especially loved to give people candy, when she would see people walking up to us she would grab some candy and walk to the edge of our porch and wait for them to come up to her so she could put the candy in their bag. I took these pictures when we were just hanging out waiting for Trick or Treaters.

Playing with pumpkins



Eating candy

Taking candy out of the mouth and showing it off

Hunter Bunter (Nena's nickname for him)

Sitting on the swing

This last Saturday the 7th was Clar's birthday! It was a Saturday, a perfect day for a birthday except for the fact that we had a gazillion things going on that day so we didn't really get to celebrate his birthday until 9:00 that night. I didn't even have time to make a cake so we just used a dougnut that we had and stuck candles in that for him to blow out. Sorry hon, we will make up for it next year. Thanks for being a great husband and dad, we love you!!