Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Sweet Kindergarten Girl

At the beginning of August, Nena started kindergarten!! She loves it and loves her teacher and everything they do at school!! It has taken a little while to get into the routine with school every day and shifting everyone's schedules to be earlier but I think we've got it down now. Her school starts at 7:30 AM so we all have to do everything a lot earlier than we used to. The kids eat breakfast earlier now so the first day of school I was surprised when Hunter came asking for a snack at 9:30 and then remembered that he hadn't eaten for a while so he probably was hungry. That means lunch is earlier too, and dinner and of course bed time. Belle has to take her nap earlier now so she can get a good enough nap for me to be able to wake her up at 2 PM to go pick Nena up from school. That means when we leave the house, we have to be back quite a bit earlier than before so she is able to go to sleep early enough so I guess it's a good thing we are able to leave the house earlier now. Nena is doing really well in school though and I am so proud of her!! She has already learned so much and has made new friends and looks forward to going to school every day!! I am so glad that she has a great teacher and that she is able to do so many fun things there!! She has been waiting for a long time to be able to go to the "big school" and is so excited to finally be able to go to school there!!