Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas was so much fun!! It gets better every year because Nena gets older and starts to understand more! This year she knew who Santa was and she actually opened all of her presents and also all of Hunter's! Both of them got so spoiled they got toys, books, coloring books, clothes, Nena got a tricycle and their big present was a swing set! Here are some pictures of the morning.
Opening stockings


Nena's tricycle

We got this swingset on craigslist so it's not perfect but it should last us a long time and Nena loves it!! Clar set it up on Christmas Eve during Nena's nap and so she didn't see it all set up until Christmas morning when we took her outside after opening presents!

Playing on the swingset

Hunter & Daddy

This was my big Christmas present and I love it!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Since I posted last...

Here is what's been going on since I last posted.
We started giving Hunter real food. He just eats rice cereal and oatmeal for now.

We laid sod in our backyard. It is so nice to have grass now instead of dirt! And it's nice that the weather has cooled off finally, we can actually go outside and enjoy it because we have nice green grass and great weather!! This is a before picture taken when we first bought the house.
After. We are going to plant lots of trees and put a barbeque area and do a few other things back there eventually but it still is so nice to at least have grass!
Our great view of the Estrella mountains from our bedroom window.
We had a great Thanksgiving spent with both families eating two Thanksgiving dinners! This is the only picture I got, they were eating my cousin (on the right's) birthday cake. She turned 3!
It was my birthday on December 2nd and it was a great day just hanging out and eating way too much food!

Here are some random pictures of the family.
Chillin with daddy!
Clar & Hunter
Hunter is officially a thumb sucker! He usually prefers his thumb over his pacifier and always has it in his mouth!
Nena loves to hold Hunter's hand whenever we are driving in the car! It's so cute she just sits there holding his hand and talking to him!

Nena & Hunter love each other so much, it's so fun to see them together! Hunter is always smiling at Nena whenever she is talking to him or playing with him!

Life is good! I can't believe it's almost Christmas, I cannot wait! We are putting our decorations up tomorrow!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We had a fun Halloween! We went to our ward's Halloween party and also to our old ward's Trunk or Treat. Nena was Cinderella and Hunter was a lion and they both looked so cute!!

Before the ward Halloween Party

During the day on Halloween, the kids had cute Hallween clothes to wear.

Halloween night we went Trick or Treating for a little bit and then came home and sat on our front porch to pass out candy. Nena loved seeing all the different costumes that came to our door, especially if someone came dressed up as one of the disney princessess. She especially loved to give people candy, when she would see people walking up to us she would grab some candy and walk to the edge of our porch and wait for them to come up to her so she could put the candy in their bag. I took these pictures when we were just hanging out waiting for Trick or Treaters.

Playing with pumpkins



Eating candy

Taking candy out of the mouth and showing it off

Hunter Bunter (Nena's nickname for him)

Sitting on the swing

This last Saturday the 7th was Clar's birthday! It was a Saturday, a perfect day for a birthday except for the fact that we had a gazillion things going on that day so we didn't really get to celebrate his birthday until 9:00 that night. I didn't even have time to make a cake so we just used a dougnut that we had and stuck candles in that for him to blow out. Sorry hon, we will make up for it next year. Thanks for being a great husband and dad, we love you!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nena loves her little brother!! It's so cute to see her playing with Hunter and to see him smiling back at her!!
Whenever Hunter is playing and jumping in his jumperoo, Nena always wants us to put her little trampoline right in front of him and she jumps right along with him!

She loves to sit by him. Right here they are watching a movie together, well Nena's watching it and Hunter's having fun chewing on his fists! Whenever I lay Hunter on the ground, Nena runs over and lays by him! She always has to be by him and when she doesn't see him she always asks where he's at and goes and looks for him!

Nena loves shoes so I found a couple cheap play shoes at the store one day and she loves them. She always trys to put them on Hunter!

She loves to give him hugs and kisses and Hunter is a good sport about always being clobbered by his big sister! It's so fun to see these two together and I'm sure it will get even better!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

On Wednesday I went with some people from my ward to the zoo. It was a lot of fun but it was still really hot! I will probably wait on going again untill it cools down a little more. Hopefully that is soon because I think it would be really fun to go sometime and spend a lot of time there and go with Clar so he can help out with the kids. We weren't there for very long and didn't get to see too many animals because after just a little bit we were all ready to go home. It was a lot of fun though and I think Nena really enjoyed it!!

In the stroller ready to go!!

The giant tortoises!

These ducks were all lined up in a row, they even turned the corner still in a line!

The petting zoo. At first she wasn't too sure about it...

But after a little bit she loved it and was even trying to hug the goats!

This goat pooped and peed right in front of us. We felt it hit our legs, it was gross.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Last weekend we went up to Snowflake to watch my grandparents "farewell" because they are going on a mission! Of course, I forgot to take any pictures. It was a fun weekend and it's wierd to think that my grandparents won't be in Snowflake for a while. We will miss them! I do have some random pictures though. Nothing too exciting has happened lately.
I just realized that I probably always post more pictures of Hunter than Nena. It's because I can actually take pictures of Hunter and he doesn't run away like Nena does. She will rarely let me take pictures of her.
Nena eating an ice cream cone. She loves ice cream!!
I love Nena's curly hair, it's so cute. Right after she wakes up though it's crazy and sticks out all over the place! (Can you tell what side she was sleeping on?)
Last week Hunter rolled over for the first time!! He has done it four times so far!! Nena rolled over once when she was really little and then didn't roll over again for a long time after that so hopefully Hunter doesn't do that. I guess we will see. Lately he has started sucking on his fists a lot which is cute but it makes him drool like crazy.
Asleep on the couch.

He likes to hold on really tight to his burp clothes. Sometimes he even puts them in his mouth and sucks on them.

Chillin' in his bumbo.

Hunter will be three months old on Wednesday!! I can't believe he's already going to be three months, it has gone by way to fast! It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital!!