Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas was so much fun!! It gets better every year because Nena gets older and starts to understand more! This year she knew who Santa was and she actually opened all of her presents and also all of Hunter's! Both of them got so spoiled they got toys, books, coloring books, clothes, Nena got a tricycle and their big present was a swing set! Here are some pictures of the morning.
Opening stockings


Nena's tricycle

We got this swingset on craigslist so it's not perfect but it should last us a long time and Nena loves it!! Clar set it up on Christmas Eve during Nena's nap and so she didn't see it all set up until Christmas morning when we took her outside after opening presents!

Playing on the swingset

Hunter & Daddy

This was my big Christmas present and I love it!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Since I posted last...

Here is what's been going on since I last posted.
We started giving Hunter real food. He just eats rice cereal and oatmeal for now.

We laid sod in our backyard. It is so nice to have grass now instead of dirt! And it's nice that the weather has cooled off finally, we can actually go outside and enjoy it because we have nice green grass and great weather!! This is a before picture taken when we first bought the house.
After. We are going to plant lots of trees and put a barbeque area and do a few other things back there eventually but it still is so nice to at least have grass!
Our great view of the Estrella mountains from our bedroom window.
We had a great Thanksgiving spent with both families eating two Thanksgiving dinners! This is the only picture I got, they were eating my cousin (on the right's) birthday cake. She turned 3!
It was my birthday on December 2nd and it was a great day just hanging out and eating way too much food!

Here are some random pictures of the family.
Chillin with daddy!
Clar & Hunter
Hunter is officially a thumb sucker! He usually prefers his thumb over his pacifier and always has it in his mouth!
Nena loves to hold Hunter's hand whenever we are driving in the car! It's so cute she just sits there holding his hand and talking to him!

Nena & Hunter love each other so much, it's so fun to see them together! Hunter is always smiling at Nena whenever she is talking to him or playing with him!

Life is good! I can't believe it's almost Christmas, I cannot wait! We are putting our decorations up tomorrow!!