Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nena is a CUTIE!!

Whenever I put a basket of laundry on the ground and start to fold the clothes, Nena always comes and starts to pull out all of the clothes as fast as she can. She was playing with one of Clar's shirts and was wrapping it around her like a cape so I tied the sleeves together. She started running around and laughing and having so much fun with her cape!! She is such a smiley girl and is so much fun!!

A little while ago, Nena started to fold her arms whenever we are saying a prayer. We didn't really even teach her, one day we just pulled her high chair up to the table for dinner and she folded her arms!! I guess that just goes to show that whatever age a kid is, they learn through the parents examples even if the parents think they are too young to understand.

She isn't really folding her arms in this picture but I just thought it was so cute!!

It's so much fun to see her learn and understand new things every day. She truly is such a blessing in our lives and we couldn't love her more!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


So our computer got a virus and always freezes so for the past little while we have been having to use our laptop. All of our pictures are on that computer exept the ones that were on my camera so I will post some of those and hopefully we get our computer fixed soon and don't loose all of our pictures.
For the past while we have been remodeling our bathrooms and redoing our floors. We put new tile on the floor in the kitchen a while ago and this week we got our master bathroom shower done and it looks really nice!! Clar is doing it himself in his spare time so it is taking a while but the things he has finished look so nice. His brother came over a couple weeks ago to help him tear out our old tile in the shower and that is all I have pictures of so far of the project. I should have taken before and after pictures but I forgot so instead I will post during pictures. I will post some more pictures when the bathroom is all the way done.

Taking out the old floor. There was some older, grosser tile under our old and gross tile.

Clar's brother Houston tearing out the old tile in the shower.

Over the weekend we enjoyed listening to conference. It was so good! There were a lot of amazing talks and we really enjoyed listening to them. This is a picture of Clar and his dad and brothers and nephew after the priesthood session.

During the preisthood session, I went to my parent's house to see my sister who was down from NAU. My two youngest sisters were watching Hannah Montana and Nena kept dancing to the music. It was so funny, her dancing has really changed from before.

On Sunday, we celebrated my Grandma Riding's birthday with a family birthday dinner! It was a lot of fun!! We ate outside and the weather was so nice!! I'm so glad it is finally starting to cool down at least at night and in the mornings!