Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shoes, Hats, Cameras and Phones

These are some of Nena's favorite things. She always gets her shoes from her room and wants me to put them on her and she loves to bring my shoes and try to put them on me and says "side" to go outside. It's cute it reminds me of a dog when they want to go on a walk or something. She loves to put mine and Clar's shoes on and walk around the house in them. Clar has so many hats and Nena loves to put them on and wear them around the house but it seems like whenever I pull my camera out to take a picture, she immediately takes the hat off and won't put it back on. She is always getting into my purse and getting my camera out so I always have to put it up high so she can't get to it and then whenever I go places I forget to grab it so I can never take pictures when I go anywhere. We have a play camera for her that she loves to play with, she will hold it up by her face and point it at someone and say "cheese" and pretend to take a picture! Of course Nena loves phones, what little girl doesn't? She will put one of her play phones up next to her ear and just talk and talk and talk. Sometimes she will have one on each ear!! It's so much fun to see her learning and understanding more and becoming more and more of a little person instead of just a baby!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Jake

A little while ago, we got Nena a puppy!! Clar named him Big Jake after the John Wayne movie. Right now though he is more "Little Jake" until he grows. We wanted an easy name that Nena could say and she says Jake so cute! We are keeping him at my parent's house for a little while until we move into our house. My parents have a dog named Lucy and her and Jake just play and play all the time. Hopefully he's not too lonely when we take him away to a different backyard all by himself. My parents live just a few miles down the road from us and so it is easy to go there often so Nena can play with her puppy. She is so cute, she pats her knees to try to get Jake to come to her and he chases her around the backyard. She loves him so much!!