Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Updates

The day after Christmas we went up to Snowflake to visit my grandparents and the rest of my mom's family. It was a lot of fun but it was so cold I could only be outside for a little bit at a time. Once we let Nena go outside the first time, she just wanted to be outside the whole time and whenever I would bring her in the house she would just sit by the backdoor and cry because she wanted to go outside. While we were there though, Nena got to sit on her first live horse.

On New Year's Eve, Clar's brother and his wife came over and they have a little baby boy so we got our swing out so he could sleep in it. Nena loved playing with it so we kept it out for a little while until she started trying to climb in it and then we decided we'd better put it away so she didn't ruin it. While it was out though, she loved to put her dolls in it and swing them. If she walked by and the swing was empty, she would run to her room and grab her dolls and put them in. It was so cute.

We got new carpet about a month ago and when we did, we (or maybe more I) decided to get rid of our huge, ugly bedframe. It was so big and our bedroom is so small and it took up 3/4ths of the room and I have hated it ever since we got it 2 1/2 years ago when we got married. It was free though so it was okay but I just got so sick of it. Anyways, so we just put our boxspring and mattress on the floor until we got something else but we might just end up leaving it on the floor because Nena loves it, it is so fun for her because she can just get up so easily and now she loves to play on our bed. She will run in and jump on it and lay down and pull the covers up. This picture is so cute, she brought her doll in and was laying down with it.

We went to the temple to look at Christmas lights and Nena was all bundled up so cute! She loved looking around at everything there was to see.

Clar and Nena at the temple lights.

Friday, January 2, 2009


We had an early Christmas Eve dinner and program at my parent's house. It was fun, the nativity was pretty funny though because 3 out of the 5 cast members were 2 and under so they were just wandering around.

Eating dinner

The nativity. Nena, her cousin Annie and my sister Melissa were shepards, My cousin Katelyn was an angel and my sister Angela was Mary. I don't think we had a Joseph. Annie didn't really want to be up with the others, I think she's wandering around somewhere.

Baby Jesus was a stuffed bear, Nena loved it!

Nena and Angela

On the real Christmas Eve we were with Clar's family but I didn't take any pictures because Nena was too busy running around the house and didn't want to be part of the nativity. It was a lot of fun though, we got some great presents from our secret pals. Clar got a cool hand drawn picture of Nena, I got a cut little crytal candle holder and Nena got a cute little doll that makes noises when you push her belly button.
Nena's doll.

Our Christmas was great, it is so much more fun when you have a kid old enough to open their own presents and to get excited about them!! With her toys that she got, Nena would open a present just enough to see what is was and then just squeal and touch it until we finally got her to open the rest of it. As soon as it was opened, she would start playing with it and wasn't even interested in opening anything else until we finally had to put it aside and convince her to open another one.

Opening her stocking. She got a little recorder and at first she didn't know what to do but now she has learned that when you blow in it, it makes noise.

Opening her rocking horse. She just opened the head and then sat there laughing and petting its head for a little while before we finally got her to open the whole thing. She loves it and has learned to rock on it. When you squeeze it's ears it sings and makes noise so she will squeeze the ears as hard as she can to make it sing.

This present was fun because it wasn't a toy. It was just a jacket and a shirt and when she opened it, she threw the clothes out and was looking in the wrapping paper for her toy! Sorry Nena, no toy!!
This present was a little rooster flashlight. You squeeze it's tail and the mouth opens up with the light in it and it says cockadoodle doo. Nena loves the noise it makes.

This was a wagon with some legos in it. She just started to push it around the house and she loves doing that. We are still trying to get her to use the handle and pull it and she's slowly getting the hang of it.

Riding on her rocking horse with her doll

Modeling her fairy outfit from her aunt Arlissa