Thursday, January 20, 2011

For our ward Christmas party Clar was Santa. It was funny because as soon as he walked out Nena yelled Daddy!! I wondered if she would recognize him and I guess she did! Hunter did not like the beard and was crying and trying to pull it off of Clar the whole time he was on his lap.

We acted out the Nativity with our little family. It was kind of crazy but was fun.

Mary, Joseph & Baby Jesus with the donkey

Nena was supposed to be Mary and then an angel but she would not be anything but Mary so we didn't have an angel. She loved playing Mary.
Hunter was Joseph and then a shephard

The kids on Christmas morning looking at the presents Santa left

The kids got a little 4 wheeler and Hunter rode it all morning

Opening presents

The kids with their presents

Nena got this doll for Christmas and Hunter loves to play with it! It's so cute to watch him hold it and feed it and give it hugs! Hopefully that's how he will be with his new little sister!

We had a great Christmas and are sad that it came and went so quickly. I got a new camera for Christmas so I have been taking a lot more pictures lately so hopefully I will post them soon and will start updating my blog more often.