Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, we went to the doctor today and our little girl is definitely not a little girl like we were originally thinking.
So for four weeks we thought our little boy was a little girl and we were wrong. At our last doctor's appointment the baby wasn't moving around a whole lot and the doctor said that he couldn't see any sign that the baby was a boy so he just assumed it was a girl and said he was going to write down that it was a girl ? so that he would be sure to check next time. Good thing he checked because he found the boy parts this time. It was kind of a shock because I had gotten so used to the idea of having another little girl but now will have to get used to the idea of having a boy!! We are so excited and can't wait!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Sorry I am way behind on Blogging. It always seems like I finally get caught up and then all of the sudden I am behind again.

On Thursday the 22nd my dear sweet Grandpa Riding passed away. He would have been 82 next month and him and my Grandma just celebrated their 57th wedding anniversiary in December. They have 8 kids, 50 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. Back in November he fell and broke his leg and his health has pretty much been downhill since then. He was in the hospital and then in a care center and then after he begged and begged for them to let him go home, my family finally brought him home in hopes that being home would help him to get better because he hated being in the care center. It was hard to watch him get worse and worse knowing that there was nothing we could do to make him get better and I was pretty much just waiting for the call from my dad. I knew it was coming but when it happened I still couldn't believe it. It is times like these that I am so thankful for the gospel and for forever families. I am filled with mixed emotions but I know he's in a better place and I know that he is with his parents who both passed away when he was a kid. He lived a good life, was loved by many and has left behind a great legacy. I will miss him a lot and I can't wait until the day when I can see him again!

He was in the navy so they had a little ceremony

giving the flag to my grandma

my immediate family behind the casket

our family

The last picture we took with Grandpa Riding

Last weekend we went up to Heber with the youth in our ward to play in the snow. It was a lot of fun we went to a place that has a lot of slopes to sled down and some of us ended up playing a game of whiffle ball.

Nena and daddy
Nena was wearing a snow suit but she didn't like it at all because it was too small and she couldn't move so we put some jeans on her but she kept sitting in the snow so her bottom was soaking wet and very cold so we had to change her clothes.

Nena loved the snow, she kept picking it up and eating it! It was a fun trip!!

Last week Nena climbed out of her crib all by herself and got on top of her changing table that is right next to her crib and opened her bedroom door. We have been talking about getting her a toddler bed but we were planning on doing that in a few months when we move but because she can now climb out of her crib all by herself, we decided that we should probably not wait on the toddler bed and get one now because we don't want her to fall out of her crib. This is her new bed, she loves it!!

She has been sleeping in it for almost a week now and she has done so good! I was so worried that she would never go to sleep and that it would be so much work to get her to go to sleep but it has not been hard at all. She pretty much lets me know when she is ready for bed by taking me into her room and laying down on her bed and pointing to where we keep her pacifier so I give her her pacifier and put her to bed and she goes to sleep. My baby is growing up way too fast it's a good thing we're going to have another one soon!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

IT'S A...........


The baby was moving around all over the place but would not really open it's legs at all. The doctor said he couldn't really see any sign that the baby is a boy so it is probably a girl and so he said he would just write down girl ? and that we'd look again next time to make sure. So we are probably going to be having another little girl!! I am so excited to have two girls close in age and whenever I see pictures of Nena as a little baby I get so excited that we are having another little girl so she can wear all of Nena's cute clothes again because Nena definately didn't get to wear any of them long enough!!!