Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clar's birthday was November 7th. It was on a Sunday and Hunter fell asleep on the way home from church and we left to go to Clar's parent's house for dinner right after he woke up so we didn't get to really celebrate his birthday as a family until we got home so when he did finally get to open his presents everyone was super tired but we had a good time!
My birthday was on December 2nd and when I came downstairs for the day I found a nice surprise waiting for me on the table!
That night was Nena's dance recital and some of my family went to that and afterwards everyone came over and we had some yummy skookies and just hung out for a little while!
Nena did good at her dance recital and loved her costume!! It was fun to watch a bunch of 3 year olds dance, they all had their moments when they were actually doing the dance but I think most of the time they were all just doing their own thing. It was pretty entertaining!

And another happening that is going on in our family is that we are going to have another baby!! We are thrilled to welcome another little girl into our family sometime right at the first of March which we can't believe is less than 3 months away!! Nena is excited to have someone else to dress up besides Hunter and I think Hunter will appreciate not having to wear dress ups either (or maybe Clar will appreciate it more because I think Hunter actually likes it)!! This is our most recent ultrasound but it was taken over a month ago so I guess we don't have a real recent picture of our growing baby.