Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Sweet Little Girl Recently had a birthday!!
On March fourth Belle turned two years old! She loved opening her presents and being the center of attention!

 On Saturday we went with Hunter's preschool on a family field trip to the Arizona Museum of Natural History. It was a fun museum with lots of dinosaurs to see and a lot of other cool things to see and do.
Supposed to be uncovering dinosaur bones but instead Belle is painting the pole.

 Panning for gold. The kids all got super wet but they really loved this!

Dinosaur rocking horse!

                              Acting like dinosaurs outside the museum!

 This month Nena is student of the month for her school!! They had a little award assembly with a special breakfast so that was fun! We are so proud of her and the great job she is doing in school! Way to go Nena!!!


flakeyfour said...

Good to see you back online.

The Allreds said...

So cute!! Belle looks like Nena in the top picture! We miss you guys!